Shhh…Don’t tell. It’s a Secret

Is there anything like a secret between two people? Someone once told me that women live longer than men because they share their problems. They talk and vent and they somehow use this as their way of processing. Managing their situations.

But…Have you ever had this secret it was so dark or so heinous you felt you did not need to tell even that best friend, that one person whom you believe would bend mountains for you? I believe we all have our secrets.

Sometimes what I feel makes us most secretive is the sense of judgment that we feel deep within. “What if I tell her my issue and she tells someone else?”

I promised myself to be less judgmental because everyone has their reasons for doing what they do. I don’t know your story, you don’t know my story.

I have no right to judge you because you sin differently than I do.

I know that I’m no saint, but I am not the devil himself either. I have my moments. Just like the rest of you, I will not let you in on my dirty little secret, meaning I have a couple. I know you do too. But I find it soothing, refreshing and therapeutic to talk to my girlfriend about my issues. I feel she gets me and understands where I am coming from. She sometimes, on a number of occasions, will give me that eye like ” what the hell were you thinking” I can take it because I know she means well.

All I’m trying to say in so many words is find your process to let out your stress and your issue. Don’t let it kill you slowly. Dear men, find someone to talk to and relieve your stress. Maybe you will live a little bit longer…who knows.


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