New Year’s Resolution

We all know how when starting a new year most of us- I included- create a must-achieve- list, well known as the New year’s resolution. We have all made “The List” at one point or the other and somewhere mid- year we forget all about it. This may be because the list made was over the top, unrealistic goals or you just made it for the sake; just because everyone was making one. Going with the crowd.


I want to encourage you to stand out. Be you be your own person. Set achievable goals and a time frame to achieve it. This way you will not fall out of the PATH. Personally, I want to be a better me this year. Save more, listen more, judge less- Yes I can be a little judgemental at times :p. I choose to give more than to receive. These are just the abstract decisions I have made to become a better human. The actual resolutions, well, that is a bit personal to me so I will not share them here.

No matter what, don’t sell yourself short. You are worth much more. Feel encouraged, laugh more and aim to grow. Be the best you can ever be and let the sky not be the limit but a viewpoint. Happy 2018 lovelies!!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome… Positive attitude n best advice for the year 2018.😀

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  2. You are welcome @Anonymous.


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