Was Lukaku’s Celebration against Everton Necessary?

Today I would like us to analyze a little bit of what happened during the weekend in the English Premier League. It was a tough and barren draw game for two London giants Chelsea and Arsenal. However, my main focus will be on the Manchester United and Everton game that ended in a four-nil (4-0) score. Two major players were among the highlights; Wayne Rooney and Romelu Lukaku. Their performances, especially Rooney’s, was highly anticipated. This is because each of the players was playing against their immediate former team, a result of the two clubs buying the players from each other.

It could be seen that Wayne Rooney, especially in the first half, landed on some very good scoring chances but was unlucky to net the ball. How would it be if he scored? Would he feel good or bad about it? Was he trying to prove a point because of the many games he was sidelined on the bench? We wouldn’t know not unless he had scored.
On to my main subject today, Romelu Lukaku. He is Manchester’s top scorer this season, and he also played with charisma in an attempt to score. He was fortunate enough to create an assist in the 83rd minute. Finally, he scored a rebound goal 6 minutes later. Usually, players who score their first goal against their former teams do not celebrate it.

In my opinion, Lukaku’s wild celebration against Everton was somewhat justifiable. The reason is, the guy has had a lot of pressure, from the team, coach, and fans worldwide to create and score goals. To him, scoring is a relief and a responsibility regardless of what team he is playing against. However, I also feel that he should not have given in to the pressures of a wild celebration. His career in Manchester United is still young and expectant of many more goals. So he could have held this one in.
Let me know what you think about it. Should he have celebrated or not? 



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  1. I think if you have won it you should celebrate it coz it’s your moment. When else is he going to show this much excitement? That’s just my take


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