The Tribal Scourge in Kenya and the Future we hope for

It is quite funny that Kenya is made up of 44 tribal groups but two tribes seem to be the talk of the nation when it comes to the political landscape. Which tribes I’m I talking about? The Kikuyu and the Dholuo language groups. You find that you will live in peace with your neighbor but come the election period, there seems to be a looming cold war, especially between these two communities.

What pains me is that we as Kenyans seem to develop differences over political leaders who do almost nothing for their well being. Do you hurt your neighbor who has always been there for you all because they support a different political leader or has a different opinion than yours? is this right or justified?

It is about time we woke up and smelled the coffee and realized that Kenya is not a tribe, it is the common mwananchi doing the best he/she can to make Kenya a better place for the generations to come. It is true, we can be the change we want to see. Playing by an example for the younger generation shapes the future.

It’s true you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. This is so because most of the older generation is more tribal than the new generation. There is, however, a mirage of hope to end this enmity that looms every time there is an election. Our folks may seem to find this as stupidity as they do not understand how one can support a person of a different tribe but it’s about time that notion changed.

We need to support a leader because of their background. Vet them for what they have achieved in the past as this will determine how they will perform. Check their criminal records. We need to support morally and spiritually upright leaders as they will have a higher guarantee of a good performance while in power instead of just focussing on the tribal divide.

If a leader is a hooligan, he will bring his/her mannerism while given an opportunity to lead. We should be smart stand up for justice, morality, integrity and a person who is focussed on bringing development and empowerment rather than destruction. Stand up as one Kenya regardless of tribe, and move forward for the better Kenya we hope to see and mold for the generations to come.


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  1. Strong Girl says:

    “a mirage of hope to end this enmity”
    This is the message we should be spreading, we all have our views but at the end of the day we are still neighbors, friends and relatives. One Love despite our tribal affiliations!

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