Women “Over- Empowerment”

So there is this thing men have been calling “women over-empowerment”. After hearing the reasons behind it, I can’t help but remain in utter awe. A man will hit a woman, cheat on her and expect her to remain faithfully by his side without any complaints. He disrespects her and demands respect in return and even worse goes ahead to quote the scriptures that state “a woman should be submissive“. Before the submission quote, it demands that a man should love his wife. My question is, do you love your woman so much that you cheat on her? Is your love so aggressive you can’t help but lay your hands on her and batter her? No!! I beg to differ.

We are in a world where things have changed. You can’t stay in an abusive relationship, especially the physically abusive relationship in the name of love or “till death do us part“. You will succumb to it and it might be the beginning of your end. Love is Kind.

Dear men, do not claim that women are over- empowered just because they will not put up with your bull. Love your woman and treat her like a queen and she will be submissive and treat you right in return. Love is a two-way traffic. You give 100% and you get 100% in return. Let’s spread some love people!

Dear women, do not stay in an abusive relationship in the name of love. get the hell out of there. You deserve much more. The over used excuse of “I’m staying because of the kids“, is overrated. Know your worth. Get out of there and sue his ass for child support. There are laws for that.

Dont get me wrong, I’m not trying to promote divorce, I’m all for love. Love in its right way. Let’s spread some love people!


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  1. Hello,Women should not stay in any type of abusive relationship, mental and emotional abuse destroy you just as much as physical and it worse because people don’t see you hurting and your blamed and criticized if you dare leave. So be bold enough to stand up for yourself.

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  2. I agree 100% @letscreatelilly


  3. mbekenya says:


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