Never Be Afraid to Change Your Mind

So I thought this was intense and had to share.

Afrikan Millennial

Sometimes, many times, we regret the choices we make out of the debilitating fear of being judged by others. Imagine what could happen if you ever let your conscience be guided by the single most profound principle of the universe— that the only constant is change.


The other day at work, I felt sort of ‘attacked’ by a colleague. As usual, I don’t talk much at lunch. I dive deep into the act of feeding and let the sensations provided by my food caress my mind. I don’t know where the witches that cook the lunch at work live but I want to commune with them. They make thechicken taste sweet and sour at the same time. I started to feel a colleague’s gaze burning at my forehead as I savored the meal piece by spicy piece.

“I thought you don’t eat meat, Oloo.” he said.

Suddenly, everyone at the…

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