Dealing with the mid-month Crisis.

It’s that time of the month, mid-month when you start wondering whether your wallet has had holes the whole time.  Most people find themselves broke at this point and tend to blame it on the salary being but mere change. The ‘unga’ prices are over the roof, and when the government intervened, it is like it even got worse. You go to the supermarket and pick more than two bags, and the cashier tells you no, you cannot buy more than two. It leaves people frustrated. coins

It goes without saying that the cost of living has hiked and the salary is still stagnant. When the beggars on the street ask you for coins, you find yourself with nothing to spare, so you walk past them so fast looking straight ahead assuming they do not exist; but then again some of the beggars as we all know in Nairobi are just cons. You cannot fail at times to feel some guilt for not helping the needy, and so you console yourself that you will make a contribution come next Sunday as an offertory. It is hilarious though how many have been reduced to this situation but it’s all about the choices we make.

You don’t have to suffer anymore. Make smart money decisions. You can enjoy good decent meals every day if you prioritize. For my part, I prefer doing my shopping in bulk, and so I know everything is sorted. I set my budget and allocate specific amounts for my beauty salon needs, supermarket and grocery shopping.MONEY1

I have these big dreams you see, of owning a home in the near future, so I never forget to leave some amount as savings.Sometimes saving can seem complicated but it is not because what we spend buying on unnecessary things can be put aside for a rainy day. Buying that extra pair of shoes yet you have more than five good pairs of shoes is not proper money management. You don’t need it so try and refrain yourself. Avoid walking around with extra cash because this will tempt you to buy that beautiful dress you saw because you feel yes it’s just meant for you. Smart money decisions will help you retire early and have a nice pension coming your way, and enjoy trips to Europe because you made smart choices when you were younger. It is not too late to start. Be wise.


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